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Lakesfield Harvesting
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Lakesfield Harvesting

Gather the harvest by creating chains of three or more adjacent fruits or vegetables of the same kind. Punkin, sunleaf, rainleaf, and gummyfruit are found here.

This is a Matching-style minigame.

This is a Harvesting minigame, and can be started at any Bushel in Lakeshore.

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Lakesfield Harvesting
Primary: Collect 3 bundles of Punkin!

Secondary: Collect 5 bundles of Sunleaf!

Bonus:  Match a chain of 12 tiles!

Bonus: Score 80,000 points!

Elite: Unlock 20 locked tiles!

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose


In addition to the standard tiles found in all Matching minigames, the following tiles are found in this version:


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