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Feed the Ducks
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Feed the Ducks

A gaggle of hungry ducks are roaming the streets of Lakeshore. Clear them out for Waterwings by feeding them some of his ultra-spicy spiralmint fishing bait. Watch out for Hanzo the dog. He'll protect his web footed friends!

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started as described below

To unlock this minigame, you must obtain the quest, Feed the Ducks. Once completed, you may repeat this minigame anytime.

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Feed the Ducks - Medium
Primary: Win the GameCoins 2 

Feed the Ducks! - (0/10)

Return to Waterwings

Bonus:  Extra fast completion!Coins 1 

Bonus: Feed more ducks! - (0/5)Coins 2 

Bonus: Feed even more ducks! - (0/5)Coins 2 

Don't run out of time!

Starting the Game

You can start this minigame by clicking on the barrel on the pier near Waterwings


You get 3 minutes total to run this minigame. Having Hanzo the dog run into you will knock you down, making you unable to move for a few seconds.

In order to get the bonus for extra fast completion, you must have at least 2:01 left on the timer.

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