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Bixie Bud Blitz

Collection Bixie Buds for Honey before time runs out. Watch out for ol' Mange, he'll chomp you!

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started as described below

To unlock this minigame, you must obtain the quest, Postman: Bixie Buds. Once completed, you may repeat this minigame anytime.

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Bixie Bud Blitz
Primary: Collect the Bixie BudsCoins 23 

Secondary: Return to Honey

Bonus:  Collect even more Bixie Buds (Additional coins)

Bonus: Extra fast completion! (Additional coins)

Don't run out of time!


  • The white bixie buds will sparkle in the Queensfields green plants.
  • Run through the speedboosts that are scattered in the fields to increase your chance of collecting extra bixie buds.
  • Throw down bones (press '1') a few times to keep Mange away from you! If he stuns you it costs you about 2 seconds.

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