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PCA Tricksters are using explosive fireballs to blow up the mailboxes in Snowhill. Fortunately you've been given Wolf and Chihuahua Mail Morph powers to strike back at them. Use Chihuahua form for speed. Transform into the wolf and then click on the Tricksters to terrorize them!

This is a Mail Delivery minigame, and can be started as described below.

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Biting Back
Win The GameCoins 750 Stars 28 

Terrorize the Tricksters

Don't run out of time!

Click on the Snowhill Postboxes and select Postman: Biting Back to start the game.


  • Try to find two PCA together.
  • Be sure to click on them after they cower in fear or you won't get credit!
  • It takes time to change to wolf, so try to push '1' as you near the operatives. Otherwise they may run off before you fully change.

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