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Character Name Change
This item allows you to change your character's name once.

Required: Level 1 Any Job

Cannot Sell
Cannot Trade

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This item is a Style Card.

Each name change card allows you to change your in-game name once.

Here's how to get to purchase and use the Character Name Change scroll:

Log into Free Realms.

Purchasing the Name Change: Click the Shopping Cart button to access the Marketplace. Click the Style Cards section that is listed on the left hand side of the Marketplace window. Click the Name Change sub-category that appears under Style Cards. Purchase the Character Name Change via your normal method of paying for Marketplace items.

Using the Name Change after you purchase it: If you have just purchased the name change, you can use the Use It Now! button to use the Name Change immediately. Otherwise, click on the Message button in the lower left hand side of your main Free Realms screen (it's the button that looks like an Envelope). After you open this, click the Change button to begin the Name Change process. Enter the First and Last name that you would like to change your character to in the new window and then press the Check button. If your name is available, it will submit the name for you and all you have to do is wait for it to be approved! If your name is unavailable, you will be able to enter different names until you submit one that is.

Once your name has been submitted, it will go through a review process. This can take up to 48 hours to complete. If your name is approved, it will change automatically. If your name is denied, you will be able to submit a new request through the communicator window. Be warned, if you submit an offensive name and are denied, your name change will be used up and no refunds will be offered.

We strongly suggest reviewing the Free Realms naming policy before submitting your name change request. You can review it here:

Free Realms Naming Policy Link

ZAM would like to thank Referee Silver for info on how to use the name change item.

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