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Sanctuary Token
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Sanctuary Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Sanctuary.

Find Sanctuary Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • A Small Cell
  • Darvon's Hook
  • Left Falls
  • Shallow Water
  • Spying On The Warriors
  • Tree Cover
  • Up The Palace Walls
  • Sunset Cliffs
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I've arranged these by groups according to location.

Sanctuary Inner Circle

After teleporting to Sanctuary, climb the hill, passing through the Pixiewood shopping area, until you reach the inner waterway.

  • Spying On The Warriors - When you reach the top of the hill, turn to your left. The token is in the middle of the pair of trees, with the fence wrapping around it. The name comes from the fact that it's across from the soldiers' barracks.

  • Sunset Cliffs - West of the previous token. Follow the fence and hop over it at the end. Follow along the cliffs until you get to a small cove with two trees, rocks, and the token.

  • Up The Palace Walls - On the west side of the palace directly across from Anura's house. From the previous token head back to the main path and take it to the palace. Follow the wall around to the west until you get to a tree with a streetlamp hanging from it. Start climbing the root just beyond that, jump over to the rock to your left, and you should be able to see the token behind the next tree root.

  • Shallow Water - Behind the Ironworks building where Steelbloom is found. When you jump down from the previous token, move to the water's edge and look right to see the ironworks. In the water just behind that is a large tree. The token is behind the tree.

  • Tree Cover - Behind the Ironworks building where Steelbloom is found. From the previous token, turn around 180 degrees. You should see the waterfall, a tree just beyond that, and the sparkle of the token behind the tree.

  • Left Falls - Just past the Launch Pad located on the right side of the Memorial Caverns entrance. From the last token, head east until you get to the waterfall beyond the cavern entrance. The token is in the rocks at the base of the falls.

Inside Memorial Caverns

  • Darvon's Hook - When facing Darvon's Descent, turn and go down the ramp, then swim left into the little alcove to find the token.

  • A Small Cell - In the waterway near where Marty sits on a bridge. From the last token, go back to Darvon's Descent, go across the bridge, and out to where Arnie is standing. Turn and go to your right until you get to the plank bridge, then turn right again until you get to the next plank bridge. Jump down into the water to the right and follow it around until you see Marty ahead of you. The token will be inside the cell bars on your left.


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