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Merry Vale Token
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Merry Vale Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Merry Vale.

Find Merry Vale Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • A Hilly Hiding Place
  • Up The Tree
  • Party Tent
  • I Stand Alone
  • 24 Hour Shade
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  • 24 Hour Shade - Starting from the Merry Vale Warpstone, head north to the main circle path, then east on that path until you get to Joona. Turn toward the outer river and you'll see a single launch pad on the water. The token is behind the tree next to the pad.

  • I Stand Alone - From the previous token, stay on the river and head north. On the outer bank of the river, there is a little break in the mountains with a single tree in it. The token is behind the tree.

  • Party Tent - From the previous token, head west across the river and start to head toward the circle path again. You will end up in the Chugawug's camp before getting to the path. The token is inside the tent next to Sugaboo.

  • A Hilly Hiding Place - In the hilly area to the north of Merry Vale's main island. From the previous token, head northwest along the circle path until you can see where the launch pads are, on the outer river west of the stables. Bounce up to the highest pad (third one up the mountain) and then head east. You'll find the token in a cleft in the rocks.

  • Up The Tree - On the roots of the big tree at the far western point of Merry Vale. From the previous token, jump down and cross back over the water. Head west until you get to the tree, and start climbing on the roots on the east side, jumping around to the north, until you get to the token.


Minimap location of
Minimap location of "A Hilly Hiding Place"

"A Hilly Hiding Place" token. That's the north bridge in the background.
Minimap location of
Minimap location of "Up the Tree"

"Up the Tree" token
Minimap location of
Minimap location of "Party Tent"

"Party Tent" token
Minimap location of
Minimap location of "I stand Alone"
Image of token
Image of token "I stand Alone"
Minimap location of
Minimap location of "24 hour shade"

"24 hour shade" token

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