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Merry Vale
A place of sunflowers, rainbows, and happiness. What more could you ask for. Make sure you explore it all.

This is an Exploration collection.

Update for Wilds Explorer

All of the items in this collection can be found in the area around Merry Vale.

Visit the following locations:
  • The Sunflower Patch
  • The Midway
  • The Merry Vale Mainstage
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  • The Sunflower Patch - head eastward on the main road ring and take the third paved turning. This will take you up hill to a ring of sunflowers and homes.

  • The Midway is in the east of Merry Vale. Follow the path around the main-stage to the east and look for an encampment with Chugawugs and two campfires, one with a roast above it. Walk into the camp.

  • The Mainstage - head north as you enter to find an area of seating opposite the main stage of the Ever Rainbow in the middle of Merry Vale.

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