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Briarwood Club Cards
Search around Sir Wellington in Briarwood to find all of the Briarwood Club Cards and receive your prize!

This is a Common collection.

This spawn can found only as a Card Duelist after redeeming the Briarwood Collector's Card virtual reward.

The only place these spawns appear is near the entrance of Vale of the Ancients, where Sir Wellington is standing.

Find Pile of Cards and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

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This collection can only be started by redeeming the Briarwood Club Card -- SEE IMAGE BELOW. This is a Virtual Reward (VR) in the Trading Card Game.

  • Once you redeem it in the TCG, make sure to claim it in the Marketplace Claim window
  • When you do that, and close the Marketplace window, that starts the collection

The rewards for this collection are the pieces to a costume for your dog -- SEE IMAGES BELOW.

"Briarwood Club Card" VR Card
Doggy Vinegolem costume (front view)

Doggy Vinegolem costume (side view)

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