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Briarwood - Bristlewood
A collection of places around Bristlewood.

This is an Exploration collection.

Adventurer Experience

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Briarwood.

Visit the following locations:
  • The Quarry
  • Snorg's Camp
  • Lazi's Pig Farm
  • Darrel's Hut and Mini-Frog Storage
  • Brambleback's Farm
  • Gorg's Camp
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  • Gorg's Camp - Follow the wall a bit south from the Bristlewood Warpstone. The camp, a collection of tents and people, is just to the west as you follow the wall south.

  • Snorg's Camp - This is south along the wall from Gorg's Camp

  • The Quarry - The entrance to The Quarry may be found in the eastern part of Snorg's camp, which is just below the lake. You must travel down the tunnel into the quarry itself to get credit for this exploration.

  • Lazi's Pig Farm - This is just east, southeast of the Tangletrack Speedway and Xandril.

  • Darrel's Hut and Mini-Frog Storage - This small round hut can be found at the end of the pink river down. It is approximately the center of Bristlewood.

  • Brambleback's Farm - To the south of Darrel's up the hill. You have to enter the farm field for the update.

Bristlewood is the central portion of the Briarwood.

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