Trolls are an evil race hailing from the city of Grobb. As Cazic-Thule's first creations, they are physically ugly, violent, often carry a rancid, powerful odor, and are Norrath's second largest race (behind ogres). Trolls lust for power and war, and can make a meal out of anything. They also have an innate racial regeneration, infravision, and the ability to slam.

These large, green, barely sentient brutes are allied with the dark elves. There is speculation that they ally themselves with the Teir'Dal more out of fear than anything else. Some trolls opt to worship Innoruuk, the god of the Dark Elves, instead of their creator. Trolls also ally themselves with ogres, but the driving force of that alliance is principal: the enemy of my enemy...

During the events leading up to the release of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion, the Frogloks arose from Guk and claimed Grobb as their own (renaming it Gukta). This forced the trolls to flee to Neriak; something tolerated only by the Dark Elves so the trolls could be manipulated to serve them. The trolls, along with the assistance of both the Dark Elves and Ogres, were eventually able to expel the Guktans and reclaim Grobb as their own.

Trolls may become beastlords, berserkers, shadow knights, shamen, or warriors.


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