Thugawug Bumbler! (FR Battle)  

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Thugawug Bumbler! center

Click on Thugawug Bumbler in Greenwood Forest to begin this battle.

A thieving thugawug bumbler is stealing from passersby! Go in and knock him out!

Primary: Defeat the Thugawug BumblerStars 10 

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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The "Members Only Reward" for this minigame is Coins 23 .

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General Purpose






The Bumbler calls in two waves of Fumblers during the fight, three each time.

  • He knocks you back with a stun just before he calls in his Fumblers.
  • While you are fighting each wave he complains that they are hitting HIM with rocks. Each time, he calls in a lone Fumbler, which you cannot target or attack, then knocks it out himself.
  • Since you can only get six knockouts max per encounter, you will have to repeat the battle in order to fulfill your contract.

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