The Grey Company (LotRO Faction)  

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Lord of the Rings Online

The Grey Company are the Dunedain within Enedwaith.

As with the Algraig, there is a Legendary Vendor standing next to the Faction Vendor that sells all the Level 62 and 65 Legendary Weapons.

Sadly, once you get the one or two things you actually need, the best use for your Tokens is buying Legendary Items just to break them for artifacts.

All Faction armour is Bind on Equip but the Faction Standing requirement stays with it so the only time you would buy any for another is if they could buy it but they simply don't have enough Tokens to get it themselves.

Neutral Standing

Echad Dagoras and Hanrdirion

  • Trade Items:
  • Items:
    • Potions
    • Scroll Cases (single use recipes)
    • Heritage Runes
    • Scrolls of Renewal, Delving and Empowerment
    • Legendary Weapon titles

Friend Standing

Echad Dagoras and Hanrdirion

SlotArmour Type
Light ArmourMedium ArmourHeavy Armour

Ally Standing

Echad Dagoras and Harndirion

Kindred Standing

Echad Dagoras and Harndirion

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