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Vanguard Quest
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We need information on how to start this quest!
VG Quest

Quest Summary

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

To see the primary example of the use of this template, see Assisting the Encampment

IMPORTANT: When linking to a quest anywhere on this site, please use {{VGQuest|Name of the Quest}}. The VGQuest template allows Bludwyng to do some tricksy things!


{{VG Quest

Series is optional, of course, but should be used for any quest that proceeds from or leads directly to another quest, or is a member of a Quest Series page.


(Required) name of the continent this quest is found on. Used for categorization. No default.
(Required) name of the chunk listed in the quest journal. Quest will be added to a subcategory of Category:VG Quests by Chunk.
(Required) coords of this chunk on the world grid, expressed as x,y. Do not include the parentheses!
Point of Interest within the chunk
(Required) Quest Sphere is one of: Adventuring, Crafting or Diplomacy. See also: Category:VG Quests by Sphere
(Required) Recommended level to complete this quest. If the quest scales, put "-1"
(Optional) The level at which the quest "grey's out". For quests that Scale, this would be the max level the quest will scale to.
Difficulty of the final step. Valid values are Solo, Group, and Epic (Default: Solo)
Name of the Quest Series (do not include the words "Quest Series") or blank. See also: Category:VG Quest Series
prev and next
Name of the previous and next quests in this series. If next is blank The End will be displayed.
If this quest is only available to members of a specific class, put it here. See also: Category:VG Quests by Class
How do you start this quest? Who do you need to talk to?
Name of Expansion or GU# (Default: Saga of Heroes) See Category:VG Updates and it's sub-categories
Name of the preceding quest, if this is a series
Required How to start this quest. Embed links as needed!
Next quest in series, or leave it blank
links to related mobs, using list format and {{VGMob|}} for all links!
How do you complete this quest? link to final mob, using {{VGMob|}}, if applicable.

ALL pages with this template will be added to Category:Vanguard Saga of Heroes and Category:VG Quests.

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