Assisting the Encampment (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[7]Assisting the Encampment
 · Qalia/Hathor Zhi (-15,-10)
 · Solo
Speak to Kayla Zarae, walking between the two gates of Hathor Sentinel, on the east side of the wall.
Assisting the Encampment

Kayla Zarae tells you, "Hail. It is good to see another adventurer in these parts. The encampment to the northeast is in need of assistance."

"I've marked Legionnaire Havlern's location in your journal. He will be happy to see you."

Quest Summary

Quest Objectives

Kayla Zarae wants you to assist the encampment to the northeast. Their location has been marked in your journal.

Quest Rewards

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