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There are several different ways to store your stuff. Here we will discuss each, how to get it, where to access it, and how much you have to pay or work for it.

Inventory Bags

VIP players have five bags, each with fifteen storage slots in them. F2P players have only three to start and must unlock the additional bags in the LotRO Store for 396Turbine Points ($3.96)  each.

Bank Vault

All players start with a single large vault that holds thirty items, accessible by talking to any Vault-keeper<s>. Six additional fifteen-slot boxes may be unlocked for in-game currency but are restricted to certain levels. The first box will can be unlocked at level 1 and will cost you 45Silver . Each box above that costs much more to unlock. The maximum storage allowed is 120 spaces.

Extra Storage Upgrades
Total StorageMin.
Cost for
Next Level
LotRO Store ItemTP Cost
- 30145Silver Vault Upgrade I195Turbine Points ($1.95) 
14520738Silver Vault Upgrade II295Turbine Points ($2.95) 
260452Gold 230Silver Vault Upgrade III395Turbine Points ($3.95) 
375504Gold 500Silver Vault Upgrade IV495Turbine Points ($4.95) 
490555Gold Vault Upgrade V595Turbine Points ($5.95) 
5105605Gold Vault Upgrade VI695Turbine Points ($6.95) 

NOTE: Prior to purchasing a Vault Upgrade for the first time via the LotRO Store players should visit their vault first to avoid a possible error in which Vault Upgrade package is offered.

Shared Bank

Players who have purchased the Adventure Pack, or purchased the first Shared Storage (20 slots for 1,036Turbine Points ($10.36) ), will have access to a twenty-slot shared bank that can be opened by all good characters on the same account by talking to any Vault-keeper<s>. Monster Players do not have access to the Shared Bank. Four upgrades, in increments of ten slots, can be unlocked for coin or TP to a maximum of 50 slots.

House Vault

Buying a house gains you access to additional storage in your house. Since all characters on the same account (except Monster Players) get port-access to the house this House Vault can act as extra shared storage.

Kinship House

You can place storage chests, with 20 storage spaces each, in your Kinship House. These chests can be accessed by anyone in your Kinship. Your Kinship Leader can set access restrictions.


You can use the Mailbox to transfer items and coins from one character to another. This has two downsides: It costs postage and has a two week expiration (unopened). Reading a letter reduces the remaining time to 2 days.

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