Subscription (LotRO)  

Lord of the Rings Online

There are three levels of Membership available to Lord of the Rings Online.

  • Free - Content available has specific limitations but can be unlocked by purchasing access via the LotRO Store. See Free to Play for a complete listing of restrictions and how to remove/unlock them.
    • Locked Quest
      Locked Quest
      As a Free player you have full access to content in The Shire, Bree-land, Ered Luin and the Lone-lands. Zones beyond that can be visited but the NPCs you meet there will show you their quests but you cannot accept them. Instead you will be offered a link to the LotRO Store where you can unlock the Quest Pack for that zone for a fee (for example, 900Turbine Points ($9.00)  for Quest Pack: North Downs). Once an area is unlocked, you own it.
  • Premium - If you have purchased Turbine Points within the last 30 days you are considered Premium and some of the benefits of VIP are unlocked for you.
  • VIP - Monthly subscription fee.

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