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Lord of the Rings Online


At this time the db is not integrated to the wiki for LotRO, so we do not have any game-specific namespaces.


All categories, and any page with a name that could also appear in another game, must have a game-specific suffix. For common pages this is simply (LotRO). The suffix will not display in links unless you add it to the display field.


Diacritical Marks

Many names in LotRO make use of characters with Diacritical Marks, such as the "u" in Echad Dúnann. Although the wiki CAN handle this, we will omit all such marks from page names. The correct name, with marks, can always be added to the display portion of the link. All linking templates, such as {{LotROItem|}} provide a field for the displayed name, as well.

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