Currency (LotRO)  

Lord of the Rings Online

There are several different kinds of "currency" used in Lord of the Rings Online, each type for purchasing different things, mostly, with some overlap.

  • Coin: Coins come in Gold, Silver and Copper Pieces and are the most common form of currency, available to all players regardless of subscription status. Coins are rewarded by quests, and found on mobs, in chests, on corpses and are used to buy most common goods and services; food, drink, rental on a horse, etc.
  • Turbine Points: Also commonly called TP, this currency is purchased from the LotRO Store using real-world money for use in-game to buy things from the LotRO Store and to unlock content. Purchasing TP automatically makes you a Premium user for 30 days, granting you most of the perks available to VIP players.
  • Destiny Points: Also known as DP, are earned by killing mobs. They accrue in much the fashion as Experience and can be spent to purchase Destiny Point Perks by VIP players. To use them as a Free-to-Play player you must first spend some TP to unlock them. To open the DP display, click on the double-crescent-moon icon on the top-right of your minimap, then click "Perks" on the DP display to purchase Perks.

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