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The Jeweller will focus on the creation of objects and adornments for a wide variety of adventurers. It is said, as well, that the Jeweller can create true works of art.

There is an excellent Community-created Tinker's Guide on Lorebook.


White Gold
MasterAncient SilverBeryl<s>
SupremeKhazad Copper
Khazad Gold
Dawn Rose<s>
All metal ore and gems are harvests from Mineral Deposits by Prospectors, and are also found as mob drops and from supply chests. Metal ores must then be refined by a Prospector into ingots before they can be used. Fortunately, all Jewellers are Tinkers which includes Prospector among its three professions.


In the below table are only those recipes that you receive auto-magically when you achieve that rank. Additional recipes can be purchased from Novice or Expert Jewellers and as rare drops from every humanoid mob in the game.

Note: All Artisan, Master and Supreme recipes will require the use of a Superior Workbench. This can be found in the crafthall at Esteldin in the North Downs, or the crafthall in the Twenty-first Hall of Moria. Also in Forochel, at Suri-Kyla, and in Lothlórien at The Vinyards of Lothlórien, but both of these require a certain amount of Faction before you can use them.

Gifted Recipes by Tier
ApprenticeGemstonesPolished Agate
Polished Amethyst
Jewellery (level 7)Copper Bracelet+10.8 in-Combat Power Regen
Copper Earring+7 Maximum Power
Copper Necklace+7 Maximum Morale
Copper Ring+2 Vitality
Rune-stonesCopper Flint Rune-stone15 - 26 Lightning Damage, 8.2 DPS, Affinity - Lightning, min level 7
JourneymanGemstonesPolished Bloodstone
Polished Opal
Jewellery (level 14)Silver Bracelet+4 Maximum Power
Silver Earring+9 in-Combat Morale Regen
Silver Necklace+36 Evade Rating
Silver Ring+14 Maximum Morale
Rune-stonesSilver Flint Rune-stone24 - 41 Lightning Damage, 13.0 DPS, Affinity - Lightning, min level 14
ExpertGemstonesPolished Ruby
Polished Sapphire
Jewellery (lvl 22)Gold Bracelet+21 in-Combat Power regen, +52 Block Rating
Gold Earring+7 Vitality, +13.8 in-Combat Morale Regen
Gold Necklace+21 Maximum Morale, +52 Evade Rating
Gold Ring+7 Vitality, +52 Parry Rating
Rune-stonesGold Flint Rune-stone46 - 77 Fire Damage, 24.7 DPS, Affinity - Fire, +132 Tactical Critical Rating, min level 28
ArtisanGemstonesPolished Adamant
Jewellery (lvl 32)Platinum Bracelet+30 in-Combat Power Regen, +30 Max Morale, +30 Max Power
Platinum Necklace+10 Might, +10 Vitality, +30 Maximum Morale
White Gold Earring+10 Fate, +10 Vitality, +19.8 in-Combat Morale Regen
White Gold Ring+10 Vitality, +10 Agility, +30 Max Power
Rune-stonesWhite Gold Flint Rune-stone52 - 86 Lightning Damage, 27.6 DPS, Affinity - Lightning, +20 Will, +11 Fate, min level 32

Mastery Items

The following items can be added to a recipe to increase the Critical Success chance, but only once you have displayed Proficiency at that rank.

ApprenticeChunk of Grey Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance
JourneymanChunk of White Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance
ExpertChunk of Clear Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance
ArtisanChunk of Yellow Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance
MasterChunk of Blue Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance
SupremeChunk of Pink Rock-salt<s>+45% Critical Chance



The following quests are required to advance your rank.

  1. The Call of Precious Things, Part I (10) - from any Novice Jeweller, travel to The Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands, unlocks Journeyman
  2. The Call of Precious Things, Part II (25) - from any Novice Jeweller, travel to The Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands, unlocks Expert
  3. The Call of Precious Things, Part III (30) - from any Novice Jeweller, talk to Millicent Greenlake at Thornley's Work-site, unlocks Artisan
  4. An Errand for Millicent<s> (30) - talk to Supervisor Beecher at Trestlebridge, grants access to Superior Workbenches
  5. The Call of Precious Things, Part IV (40) - from any Novice Jeweller, unlocks Master
  6. The Call of Precious Things, Part V<s> (50) - from any Expert Jeweller, unlocks Supreme


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