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Gather the harvest by creating chains of three or more adjacent fruits and vegetables of the same kind. Rainleaf, chugaroot, choychoy, and gummyfruit are found here.

This is a Matching-style minigame.

This is a Harvesting minigame, and can be started at any Bushel.

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Each Farm will have it's own version of this minigame, but except for the graphics, and which fruits and vegetables are available at that farm, the minigame is always the same.

Left-click on a plant and drag the cursor through vertical or horizontal connecting plants of the same type until you create a chain of at least 3 plants, then release the mouse to "harvest" them. Plants directly above will settle down. If this results in a blocker tile reaching the bottom row, that tile will be removed, too.

This game has no special tiles, though you still get Blockers and Power Ups. There are four bushels on the bottom of the screen and 4 types of plant. Each farm has a different list of plants that are available at that farm. Fill the bushels to make bundles.

When you start, you have 2:15 on the clock, so it is important to quickly spot the chains. Harvesting adds small amounts of time. The longer the chain you harvest, the more time that is added to the clock.


In addition to the standard tiles found in all Harvesting minigames, each Farm has some tiles for produce found at that location. Some of these fruits and vegetables can only be found at specific farms.


  • Ignoring the most obvious ingredient, start from the top of the board, making every match you see while working your way down. Once you've eliminated all matches that are not the obvious ingredient, use a shuffle if you have it and repeat. Do the same with any other shuffles you have, but don't blow up any bombs yet.

  • You should now have a board practically full of the obvious ingredient. Start at the top of the board and this time, match the obvious ingredient.

  • Once you have completed matching the obvious ingredient, you want to speed things up. Match as many ingredients as you can. Do not take long looking for matches. Use your tornado or dynamite if you get stuck.


Mining follows the same basic format, with a few important notes.

  • Mining can be started at a Cart or an Ore Node. Ore nodes are Rich Ore Mining. When you exit the minigame for a Rich node, the node vanishes, reappearing somewhere in the same basic area.

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