Grave Danger! (FR Battle)  

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There is a video walkthrough of this battle available [ prizewheel=y here].
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Click on Grave Elemental in Blackspore Swamp to begin this battle.

A Grave Lord is collecting the souls of the dead! Defeat the Grave Lord before it becomes too powerful!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Stars 32 

Primary: Defeat the Grave Lord!Stars 32 

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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The "Members Only Bonus" for this battle is Coins 75 .

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The Grave Elemental is found within the Sinking Graveyard of Blackspore Swamp.

This battle is not recommended for a novice player below level 15. It can be very difficult! If you have never done this instance before, we highly suggest watching the available YouTube video (see right side of page)!

When you first enter this battle, there are no attackable creatures. Instead, there are three ghosts that you must walk near in order to trigger their chatter before they disappear.

After reaching the third ghost, the Grave Elemental appears. At the same time, several swirls of purple energy appear in the water (that will deal 32-35 damage every second you are in contact with them so avoid these!), as well as many piles of bones, which are marked by red diamonds on your mini-map.

The most important thing is to destroy ALL of the bones before engaging with the Grave Elemental! He "feeds energy" off of these bones, and will become neigh invulnerable once he has a connection to one. You will be taking some damage from the elemental as you run around destroying them, so be prepared to use healing potions on occasions, or sacrifice a knockout if needed.

Once the bones are all destroyed, the only enemy diamond on your mini-map will be the Grave Elemental. He has a fair bit of health and is generous with the damage he dishes out, but with some healing and dedication, a higher level player should be able to knock him down. Make sure you're standing on dry land when you finally engage the elemental, otherwise the purple swirls will knock you out very quickly!

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