FR place:Blackspore Swamp  

Blackspore Swamp
Blackspore Swamp
Sacred Grove / Blackspore Swamp

East of Crossroads, southeast of Stillwater Crossing

The only way into or out of Blackspore, other than by Warpstones, is to pass through the tunnels near Crossroads or Stillwater Crossing.

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Long before the Unbinding, the area now known as Blackspore Swamp was a beautiful rolling landscape, full of lush forests, fertile fields, and sparkling springs. Now Blackspore is a vast, seething swamp that seems to be sinking further and further into the mire. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- this decline, Blackspore is a refuge for thieves and other shady characters who take shelter in its shadows.

Local Places


Quest Series

Mire's Edge

  1. The Road to Mire's Edge
  2. Easy Money
  3. Darci's Deficiencies
  4. Favors for Favors
  5. Combating the Cray
  6. The Mining Operation
  7. Free for the Taking
  8. The Eye of Necrosis
  9. Breaking a Few Eggs
  10. Rumor has it...
  11. Testing a Theory
  12. Dwarven Expertise
  13. Block Loblog's Bog Log
  14. Consumed by the Past
  15. Dead Ends


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