FR Quest:To Catch a Sneak  

Card Duelist
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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Jonathon Forkpath in Snowhill.
Jonathon Forkpath says,"If anybody knows how to find that sneaky looking dwarf it's Scarlet Shadeveil!

Try looking for her near the town hall. "

Look for Scarlet Shadeveil in Snowhill.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • none
  • Find Scarlet Shadeveil
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This quest can only be accessed through the Baron von Darkcheat - Quest Pack 2 or Baron von Darkcheat - Quest Bundle.

Closing Comments

Scarlet Shadeveil says, "Shh! Keep your voice down. How did you find me?"

Suspicious Sneak Card Duelist
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Finder of Secrets
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