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To Start: Speak to Scarlet Shadeveil in Snowhill.
Scarlet Shadeveil says,"Of course I've seen that dwarf. With his monocle... who could forget him?

He sold me some new cards... play me in a few games and maybe I'll tell you some secrets! "

Scarlet Shadeveil in Snowhill wants you to play a few games of cards.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

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This quest can only be accessed through the Baron von Darkcheat - Quest Pack 2 or Baron von Darkcheat - Quest Bundle.

Closing Comments

Scarlet Shadeveil says, "Hmm, you're quite a good card player. That dwarf you seek has a device that makes people do silly things. I think he's been hiding up in the hills to the north, but you'll need to talk to an expert if you want to track him down."

To Catch a Sneak Card Duelist
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A Guide to The Baron
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