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Tavern Cellar
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Tavern Cellar

Click on the dungeon entrance to Tavern Cellar to begin this battle.

The hooligan leader, Cal, moved into the cellar! Now his thugs are causing a ruckus all day long! Defeat Cal!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 70 Stars 234 

Primary: Defeat Cal, leader of the hooligans.

Bonus:  Find and destroy all the brawl club rules! - 0/4

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Coins are earned by defeating the two Hooligan Guard Wolves, Coins 35 each.

The Members Only Bonus for winning this minigame is Coins 88 .

Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in a random color of:

  • Archer: Hen Feather Archer gear
  • Brawler: Saved by the Bell Brawler gear
  • Medic: Stable Condition Medic gear
  • Ninja: Kusa Ninja gear
  • Warrior: Standard Action Warrior gear
  • Wizard: Novice Wizard gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose







The Four Rules of Brawl Club

(Red dots on map mark potential locations for the Brawl Club Rules)

  1. Do not talk about Brawl Club!
  2. No, seriously, do not talk about Brawl Club!
  3. Only two brawlers to a fight
  4. If someone says, "Stop!", the Brawl is over.

Return to Sender is repeatable. You should consider picking up this quest every single time you head into the Cellar.

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