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Three Leaf Omelette center

Stir up some flavor in this cooking game! Slice, chop and stir your way to delicious results.

This is a Making-style minigame.

This is a minigame.

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  • Unlike most cooking minigames, this one does not seem to require you to have on hand any ingredients. Instead of being started at a normal cooking table, you can only begin this recipe by clicking on the NPC, Diggy, in Seaside while working on the Craving Something Tasty quest.

Three Leaf Omelette - 1
Primary: Cook up a Three Leaf Omelette!Coins 1 Stars 5 

Secondary: Finish in 32 seconds or less!

Bonus:  Don't waste any eggs!Coins 1 

Bonus: Finish grating in 6 seconds or less and don't miss the bowl!

Elite: Finish in 22 seconds or less!

Step 1: Break the eggs and put them in the bowl!
Step 2: Grate the honeycomb!
Step 3: Slice the food!
Step 4: Chop the leaves and vines!
Step 5: Add the ingredients in their correct order

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