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Sasparilla Sprint
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Sasparilla Sprint

Collect the Sasparilla Jugs and return them to Postchug Runalug before time runs out!

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on Wugachug Postboxes

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Sasparilla Sprint
Primary: Win the GameCoins 19 

Secondary: Collect the Saperilla Jugs

Return to Postchug Runalug

Bonus:  Collect extra Jugs (Additional coins)

Bonus: Extra fast completion! (Additional coins)

Don't run out of time!

You can view a video, showing gameplay, at YouTube.
Wugachug Mailboxes

Click on the mailboxes next to Postchug Runalug to begin this minigame. The sasparilla jugs have about three to four different set-ups they can be at; the video walkthrough shows only one of those set-ups.

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