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Guest of Honor
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Guest of Honor

The Explorer's League had some great explosions planned for the party, but troublemakers have scattered the fireworks all over! Find the fireworks and bring them back to Squee so this party can start off right.

Squee is even letting you use a patented Robgoblin Fish Tosser to help stop these troublemakers! You'll need it to get back the fireworks if a troublemaker picks them up before you.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started as described below

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Guest of Honor - Medium
Primary: Win the GameCoins 2 

Secondary: Recover the stolen Fireworks

Bring the Fireworks back to Squee

Use your "Light Fireworks" ability on the Crate of Fireworks

Bonus:  Win in less than 50 seconds!

Do not run out of time

Squee's Cart
Click on the Cart next to Squee to begin this minigame.

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