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Shattered Past - Quest Bundle
HUGE SAVINGS! Buy the three Shattered Past Quest Packs together for 650 SC! That's a 100 SC savings! Find Sir Wellington near the Vale of the Ancients in Bristlewood to begin your journey!

Required: Level 1, Freestyle Jobs

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This item is Consumable.

This item will be consumed after one use.

NOTE : This item is no longer in the marketplace and the quests have become free to play.

The items in this bundle are Shattered Past - Quest Pack 1, Shattered Past - Quest Pack 2, and Shattered Past - Quest Pack 3.

This article refers to items only available in association with the Trading Card Game.

TpyoWe know there are pricing errors in the item description, but the description is accurate to what's in-game. When they fix them, then so will we.

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