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June 24, 2010

  • The June Member's Pack has been released!
  • If you're not a member, or used the Member's Pack on a different character, you can still get the new Black Soccer Ball pet pal in the Marketplace.
  • New summertime housing items have been added to both the Marketplace and Coin Shop. You can now bring the beach to your house!
  • There's another new Playground. This time it's in Snowhill. If you are skilled enough to make it all the way to the top, there's a treasure chest up there for you to open!
  • And saving the best (I think, anyway) for last ... the Totem Boombox is now available in the Marketplace, in the Holiday section. So be warned: all items in this section will no longer be available when Summer Camp ends on July 7th.

June 18, 2010

June 10, 2010

June 3, 2010

May 30, 2010

  • Marketplace Items
  • A few more Emotes have been added, but some have been removed. It also looks like some of the typed commands have been removed as well.
  • A new Playground has been added in Highroad Junction, behind the Highroad Junction Adoption Center. It gives you the opportunity to see the items in the new Platforming category, and try them out before buying them.

May 21, 2010

  • There are a number of new Housing Items in the Coin Shop and the Marketplace:
    • You can now purchase Launch Pads for your home, in 3 sizes -- small; medium; and large.
    • There are 4 new styles of blocks, and non-members can buy them all! You can choose from: Cheese blocks, in all the regular shapes; Cloud blocks, as a single or in packs of 3; Storm Cloud blocks, that shimmer with lightning when you stand on them, also single or packs of 3; and Fall-away blocks, that disappear a few seconds after you land on them.
    • You can now go for that Zen garden look with one of the 2 Bridges in the Marketplace -- choose from stone or wood.
  • For all of you skateboarders and surfers out there ... or even Back to the Future fans, you can now purchase a Hoverboard in 2 styles -- one with a cool glow, like the Warpstones; and the other that's molten lava hot!
  • The Marketplace has Wizard items again, and all the stats level up with you:
  • Matchmaking will now connect you with players on other servers! So you don't have to play soccer, demo derby, racing, checkers, chess, or Pirate's Plunder alone!
  • And last, but not least, for this week ... there's new emotes in the chat UI. Some of them are very funny, you should check them out and have a giggle!

May 13, 2010

May 6, 2010

  • The big addition this week is the ability to purchase Coins with Station Cash. There's 4 different amounts available.
  • Another significant change involves the About Me section of the User Interface. There are now only 7 buttons:
    • Details
    • Stuff
    • Style Cards
    • Abilities -- this is only clickable while in a combat job; it shows you the abilities associated with the chosen job and the weapon you're holding
    • Jobs and Equipment -- this new version has combined 3 buttons into one, and reorganized it; you now change jobs, change what you're wearing, and change shards/jewelry all on the same screen, using scroll wheels
    • Consumables
    • Collections -- this screen is now just an alphabetical list; it is no longer divided into sub-sections
  • The White-Nosed Stallion is a new horse mount, available in 6 colors.
  • There's a Mother's Day Bouquet, available in 4 colors in the Marketplace and an additional color in the Coin Shop.
  • Some of the old Maketplace Tools are back, with new names because you can now select your own color. Each tool increases a particular stat for a different amount, depending on your job level.

April 29, 2010

  • Coin Shop additions:
  • Marketplace items:
    • The Chatty Suit is finally glitch-free, and available for 350 SC.
    • The pet Beetles have made their way to Free Realms, in 7 colors.
    • Four new colors have been added to the Zax T-Rex.

April 21, 2010

April 1, 2010

  • In the Coin Shop, a new color has been added for the Polka Dot Blocks: yellow. This is the only type of block in the Coin Shop that is not Members Only!
  • A Unicorn Mount has been added in 6 colors. It has a rainbow glow effect on its horn, sparkle effect on its hooves, and rainbow color-changing mane and tail.
  • Two more Pet Pals, a chicken and a rabbit, have been added to the Coin Shop.

March 26, 2010

March 19, 2010

March 12, 2010

Special thanks to Marisol Bluesurf for all of the March 12th updates!

  • Three new mounts were added to the game: Pegasus, White-Nosed Mare, and Stallion.
  • New variations of the Owl and Pony were added to the game.
  • A new block pattern has been added to the Coin Shop: Polka Dots. All block shapes can now be purchased in this pattern, with a background color of red.
  • Some new furniture has been added to the Marketplace and Coin Shop:
  • There's been a new feature added to the Coin Shop: a Buy Back tab. If you mistakenly sell an item, you can now get it back without having to send in a ticket! However, there's no information on how long an item stays available to you, and there have been reports of strange items replacing your sold items on this tab.
  • The Bundle of the Day has returned and is now featured at the top of the Marketplace screen. No more hunting to find this great deal!
  • The "white screen" error has been worked on, and hopefully no longer occurring for anyone.

March 5, 2010

February 26, 2010

  • A few new housing options are now available in both the Coin Shop and the Marketplace!
  • A bundle of the day can be found daily in the Marketplace. The category of this bundle moves depending on what is offered in the bundle that day. Keep your eyes open for these deals. (Thanks, Marisol Bluesurf!)
  • The Lovelectric Boombox has made its way back into the Holiday section of the Marketplace.

February 19, 2010

  • Rides were added to the game! Visit the Marketplace or head to a nearby stable to check them out.
  • Houses have had their item limits increased!
  • Screenshots are working again. F12 keys, rejoice!
  • The February Member's Pack is now available.

February 12, 2010

Festival of Hearts

  • The Festival of Hearts has come to Merry Vale! This event is expected to run for one month.
  • Join in with your fellow gamers in defeating Stone Heart every 15 minutes and win some cool prizes.
  • A special version of the Daily Wheel is here for the festival!
  • Fall in love with the new quest series for this celebration.
  • Two new battles become available for progressing far enough along the Festival quest series!

Housing - 02/12/2010

Members - 02/12/2010

  • Along with the new Power Hour (see official patch notes below), Members also get a discount in both the Coin Shop and the Marketplace. This discount is generally 10% off the cost (lower on select items).
  • Some members have reported sightings of the February Members Only Bundle! We'll keep you posted once we get ours!

Miscellaneous - 02/12/2010

  • New construction areas, which look similar to where warpstones are currently housed, are popping up around Sacred Grove. Known sightings are in Seaside, Merry Vale, Lakeshore, Highroad Junction and Sanctuary.

Bugs - 02/12/2010

  • Logging out in Merry Vale may cause the client's executable process to not fully shut down. Until this is fixed, monitor your system processes for this occurrence or log out in a different spot in the world.
  • The screenshot hotkey (F12) is currently non-functional.

Patch Notes - 02/12/2010

  • Festival of Hearts
    • Merry Vale is celebrating the Festival of Hearts! However, not all is hugs and kisses. Help the clueless scientist, Cudip, figure out the secrets of love. But beware of Stone Heart and his minions, the heartbreakers. These bitter and angry monsters don't want anyone to be happy this year.
    • A new prize wheel has been added in honor of the Festival of Hearts! Log in daily for new prizes!
    • New Holiday items are on the Marketplace – celebrate the Festival of Hearts in a new outfit!
  • Coin Rewards
    • Coin Wheel – Players who are logged in for at least 30 minutes a day will be able to spin a special Coin Wheel for bonus in-game coin rewards.
  • Member Benefits
    • Power Hour – Coin rewards from all activities are doubled for Members during the Power Hour. The Power Hour begins after the first login of each day.
  • Marketplace
    • A pink penguin, pink Unicorn and She-Rex have been added to the Marketplace! Go check it out and be the first to get one!
    • The new TCG bundle includes a card redeemable for a special pet!

January 26, 2010

  • Snow Days is over for the season! Snowhill has returned to its former state.
  • The Royal Vault has been officially boarded up!
    • Gulsh is still available in front of the former vault to buy your Treasure Tickets for Coins 10  each.
    • Gulsh will also teleport you into the old vault if you want to spend your tickets. It is unknown how much longer this feature will remain. (Thanks, Thwap Truforge!)
    • Gulsh mentions that most of the items that were removed from The Royal Vault can now be purchased with coins in the Coin Shop. You can specifically customize the color of these clothing/armor. The weapons that are available are not color-customizable. (Unknown if this is a bug.)
      • Note: There appears to be a bug with the Coin Shop not listing all the items from The Royal Vault.
      • Solution (workaround): You can find all of the items that were moved from the Royal Vault to the Coin Shop using the "Sort By" drop-down menu in the Coin Shop and selecting "Sort A-Z." (Thanks, Darius Darkspice!)
    • It is still unknown at this time what, if anything, will become of the vault.
  • Multiple quantities of items can now be sold in the Coin Shop. (Thanks, Genfar!)
  • The January Member's Pack is now available!

Marketplace - 01/26/2010

Coin Shop - 01/26/2010

Items - 01/26/2010

  • Some items have had excessively bright colorization fixed. (Thanks, Unne Redspire!)
  • Colors on level 20 armor sets should match better. (Thanks, Unne Redspire!)

Patch Notes - 01/25/2010

These notes were posted on the Free Realms Forums:

  • New pets have arrived on the Marketplace! Catch Zilla for a limited time, or adopt the new duckbill dinosaur, Crackers. Meanwhile, Cinnamon, Skip, Jaina, and Icco have been spotted sporting new colors.
  • New Housing items have been added to the Marketplace, look for blocks in new shapes and colors! What new, crazy things will you build out of them?
  • Snow Days is over until next year. We hope you got all of your tacky sweaters.
  • New options allow you to disable friend, trade, guild, group and other group requests from players.
  • Treasure Tickets are no longer being given out as rewards. Redeem your remaining tickets by speaking to Gulsh out front of the Royal Vaults in Sanctuary, or sell them for coin in the Coin Shop.
  • New events have been posted on the Activity Calendar!
  • You can now change the quantity of the items you sell.
  • Atlas optimizations were made; clicking on a zone will no longer zoom you into a smaller view of that zone on the atlas.
  • You can change the option to have F10 make your UI disappear – check Game Options -> Game Play to make adjustments.

January 14, 2010

  • Coin rewards have been increased for most activities throughout Free Realms. The purchase and sell prices of many items have been decreased as well. Higher rewards and lower prices will result in Coin Shop items being easier to buy!
  • By Royal decree, we are phasing out Treasure Tickets to prepare for changes to the Royal Vaults. Tickets will no longer be awarded for any in-game activities. You may spend your remaining tickets in the vault or sell them for coins. Tickets can be sold in the Coin Shop or by speaking to Gulsh outside the Royal Vaults.

Game Play - 01/14/10

  • Pet food and grooming will no longer decay when your pet is in storage. This will result in happier pets!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some players to be frozen in place the first time they entered a Kart or Demo Derby race.
  • The pet tutorial will no longer pop up every time you log in.

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