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Finding the Wheel
Finding the Wheel
The Daily Wheel, also dubbed the Daily Spinner by players, was introduced with the August 28, 2009 patch. It allows players to take a spin once per day (spins do not accumulate if you miss a day), per character. You can win a variety of items, such as Treasure Tickets, clothing or karts!

When you log in, the wheel icon will be found on your welcome screen (as per the September 10, 2009 patch). In case you close the welcome screen, it can be re-opened by clicking the round tree button to the left of the mini-map. Click on the wheel to use your spin. As you click and hold on the green button, the meter underneath will go up and back down. The higher the meter goes, the faster your spin will be, and vice versa.

Spinning the Daily Wheel
Getting Your Reward

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How to get Extra Spins

If you spin the wheel for three consecutive days you win one extra spin. You can obtain two extra spins by spinning the wheel for seven consecutive days.

Known Rewards

All rewards are no trade. You can receive rewards along with extra spins or multiple rewards together by landing on the grab bag spot.

Extra Spins

  • 1 Extra Spin
  • 2 Extra Spins
  • 3 Extra Spins
  • 5 Extra Spins






Pet Accessories

Kart, Fishing & Soccer Gear

Trading Card Game

It is possible, but extremely rare, to receive a foil card through the wheel.

  • 1 Free Realms Digital Booster Pack (open up the Trading Card Game to receive your pack)
  • 1 Free Realms Common Digital Card (open up the Trading Card Game to receive your playing card)
    • TCG Card 1C11: Angry Yeti
    • TCG Card 1C18: Hooligan Brawler
    • TCG Card 1C21: Invading Bixie Mage
    • TCG Card 1C23: Mauthe Dog
    • TCG Card 1C25: Robgoblin Bruiser
    • TCG Card 1C29: Shadow Talon Archer
    • TCG Card 1C30: Shadow Talon Swordmaster
    • TCG Card 1C32: Yeti Chief
    • TCG Card 1C37: Gotcha!
    • TCG Card 1C40: Surprise!
    • TCG Card 1C41: Tipping the Hive
    • TCG Card 1C42: Bixie Stick
    • TCG Card 1C46: Knuckle Sandwich
    • TCG Card 1C47: Onion Breath
    • TCG Card 1C51: Stinky Feet
    • TCG Card 1C53: Apprentice Smith
    • TCG Card 1C55: Assistant Smith
    • TCG Card 1C56: Chicken Bomber
    • TCG Card 1C60: Dwarven Salvager
    • TCG Card 1C62: Helpful Steam Monkey
    • TCG Card 1C65: Overheated Furnace Golem
    • TCG Card 1C66: Pit Crew Member
    • TCG Card 1C73: Weaponsmith
    • TCG Card 1C77: Left in the Dust
    • TCG Card 1C80: Read the Manual
    • TCG Card 1C82: Under the Hood
    • TCG Card 1C84: Fall Back
    • TCG Card 1C87: Hammer Strike
    • TCG Card 1C91: Spring Forward
    • TCG Card 1C92: Squeaky Wheel
    • TCG Card 1C95: Arctic Frostfang
    • TCG Card 1C101: Changeling Rock Warrior
    • TCG Card 1C102: Changeling Sentry
    • TCG Card 1C105: Fierce Bear
    • TCG Card 1C106: Fire Toad
    • TCG Card 1C108: Frostfang Cub
    • TCG Card 1C109: Frostfang Wolf
    • TCG Card 1C115: Poison Toad
    • TCG Card 1C120: Harvesting the Crop
    • TCG Card 1C122: Move Out!
    • TCG Card 1C125: Sudden Strength
    • TCG Card 1C127: Bat Attack!
    • TCG Card 1C132: Dive Bomb
    • TCG Card 1C134: Feral Reinforcements
    • TCG Card 1C137: Vine Tangle
    • TCG Card 1C138: Chef-in-Training
    • TCG Card 1C141: Chugawug Brewsampler
    • TCG Card 1C143: Chugawug Cook
    • TCG Card 1C144: Chugawug Sentry
    • TCG Card 1C146: Lazy Guard
    • TCG Card 1C148: Pastry Chef
    • TCG Card 1C156: Short-Order Cook
    • TCG Card 1C157: Soaring Eagle
    • TCG Card 1C163: Rescue Mission
    • TCG Card 1C167: Special Delivery
    • TCG Card 1C169: Wake-Up Call
    • TCG Card 1C173: Heavy Stomp
    • TCG Card 1C175: Judo Chop
    • TCG Card 1C177: Oh, it's On!
    • TCG Card 1C180: Royal Decree

5M Bonus Wheel

Between September 16, 2009 and October 2, 2009, there was a special bonus wheel to celebrate the milestone of 5 million registered users. Here are some of the unique rewards that were received from that wheel.

Halloween Bonus Wheel

The Halloween Wheel was introduced on October 15, 2009 as part of the Super Spooktacular event. Below are some of the unique rewards found during the event.

Snow Days Wheel

The Snow Days Wheel was introduced on December 14, 2009 as part of the Snow Days event. Below are some of the unique rewards found during the event.

Festival of Hearts Wheel

The Festival of Hearts Wheel was introduced on February 12, 2010 as part of the Festival of Hearts event. Below are some of the unique rewards found during the event.

Obsolete Rewards

With the December 14, 2009 update, many items were removed from the Daily Wheel. Here are those items, listed for historical purposes.

Treasure Tickets




Pet Accessories

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