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As of November 5, 2009, this job is free to sample through level 4. As you finish level 4 you will be prompted to buy Membership. If you do not become a Member you will be able to change to the job, but none of the job-specific minigames or quests will be available to you.
Free Realms
Members Only

Wizards summon the elements to attack their foes from a distance. They use magical wands to channel elemental energy into spells that can confuse enemies. They can even shoot lightning! Those who wish to learn the mystical ways of Wizardry can speak to Fizzlesticks (directions below) for training.

Job Type: Combat

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LevelIconTrait NameDescription
Ice ArmorProtected by ice, opponents are sometimes frozen for 3 seconds when they strike you.

GeniusYour arcane knowledge grants an increased chance at critical hits.

Magical ShieldingYour magical shielding prevents some incoming damage.

Arcane FlareYour critical strikes absorb arcane energy from all nearby enemies.

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Unlocking Wizard

As of March 16th 2013 you will need to unlock the Wizard job first before being able to use it. To unlock the job you must reach level 20 as a Medic.


Wizard is a combat job, meaning that the majority of your levels will come from combat instances. Prowling dungeons and besting enemies in the wilderness will earn you stars, which in turn give you experience, as well as the opportunity to invest the stars into your specialized abilities.

As a Wizard, there is also a series of quests that will guide you through your job. These quests will grant you experience; however, you will hit road blocks that prevent you from continuing the quest line until you gain more levels. Your trainers will notify you of this and offer you a reminder quest whenever this happens!

Quest Series


Found in the Robgoblin Camp.

  1. Wizard: How to be a Wizard
  2. Wizard: I Can't Read This!
  3. Wizard: Sticky Spell Book
  4. Wizard: Lightning Bolt!
  5. Wizard: The First Rule of Being a Wizard...
  6. Wizard: Market Wizards
  7. Wizard: Student Profits
  8. Wizard: Reach Level 5
  9. Wizard: An Icy Mistake

Yaren Sunstare

Found in Snowhill.

  1. Wizard: Merry Magical Story
  2. Wizard: Feeding the Storyteller
  3. Wizard: Lost Student
  4. Wizard: Osgood as it Gets


Found in Sanctuary.

  1. Wizard: Reach Level 10
  2. Wizard: Helping a Friend


Found in Sanctuary.

  1. Wizard: Searching for the Past
  2. Wizard: Crystal Clear Delivery


Found in Blackspore Swamp.

  1. Wizard: Things Left Unfinished
  2. Wizard: Filling in the Gaps


Found in Sanctuary.

  1. Wizard: Reach Level 15
  2. Wizard: Missing Student Sven


Found in Bristlewood.

  1. Wizard: Sven's Job Offer
  2. Wizard: A Twig From Treeleaf
  3. Wizard: One Thing to Bind Them
  4. Wizard: Reach Level 20
  5. Wizard: Two Gems Are Better Than One

Wizard Clothes

1NoviceCoin Shop Coins 337  +12
4HedgeCoin Shop Coins 362  +23
6JourneymanCoin Shop Coins 407  +23
8ScholarCoin Shop Coins 475  +35
10PractitionerCoin Shop Coins 564  +35
12AdherentCoin Shop Coins 676  +47
14DiscipleCoin Shop Coins 811  +47
16AdeptCoin Shop Coins 968  +58
18ArchmagusCoin Shop Coins 1148  +58
20Arcane MasterBriarheart Caverns (Gloves)
Cray Caves (Boots)
Dark Spore Depths (Skirt / Slacks )
Forest Troll Fort (Helm)
Haunted Mines (Robe)
Tanglewood Fort (Talisman)


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