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To Start: Speak to Yaren Sunstare.
Yaren Sunstare says,"Morgulg has not come back yet from his history lesson and I am starting to worry. Can you and find him?

He was planning on taking the Snowhill warpstone. "

Find out what is taking Morgulg so long! He might be in trouble!
Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Wizard job.

Find out what is taking Morgulg so long! He might be in trouble!
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Morgulg is clearly upset when you find him. Morgulg: "Oh no! I got lost on the way to Merry Vale and ended up in Floren Forest, and then I saw a snake and dropped my wand when running away! Please -Player Name-, find my wand! It is the only one I have and it's very special to me!"

Floren Forest requires that you are at least level 5, but can be a very difficult fight at that level. Once you defeat the first group of enemies and cross the bridge, you have a choice of directions. Go straight and take out the enemies near the Great White Snake, then defeat it and open the chest to obtain Morgulg's lost wand. You can now leave the forest if you don't want to complete the whole dungeon.

When you return, Morgulg says, "You found it! Thanks -Player Name-!"

Yaren says, "*Sigh* I keep telling him that he doesn't need to make sound effects...and those are not even magic sounds!"

Previously, this quest rewarded the Pro Wizard Wand. This reward is no longer available.

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