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To Start: Speak to Natali in Lakeshore.
Natali says,"I can't focus on my spells with those robgoblins blasting away! And here I just wanted to study the troll's magic...

Please help me out! Defeat the Troll Bone Shamans and the Troll Summoners. Their magic is very interesting.

Then clear out the Robgoblin Campers hanging with the Robgoblin Foragers so I get some peace and quiet! "

As a wizard, defeat various wandering enemies around Lakeshore.
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Wizard job.

  • Coins 15 Stars 63 
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Two runs through each will complete the requirements.
You can repeat this quest to help you reach level 5.


Natali wants to study the magic used by Troll Bone Shamans and Troll Bone Summoners. However, noisy robgoblins in the area are being disruptive.

    They practice some very interesting defensive, dark magic.
    How do they summon allies so quickly?
    Look for Robgoblin Forager groups.
  • Return to Natali
    If you have not yet reached level 5 Natali will say, "Thanks! That was a great help!

    Say... you want to do that again?"

Wizard: Reach Level 5 Wizard
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