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To Start: Speak to Caleb Sleepyswing in Wilds North.
Caleb Sleepyswing says,"We don't have time to chat. Besides, a warrior's work is done with a weapon, not their mouth.

The guests at The Roadhouse need the heroism of a warrior more than ever. Those hooligans and robgoblins just won't quit causing trouble.

Ready your weapon and head to The Roadhouse! "

There's a bunch of troublemakers on the loose and Caleb needs you to teach them a lesson.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

  • Coins 40 Stars 75 
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Caleb Sleepyswing can be found on the road west of Highroad Junction, or south of The Roadhouse.

  • Hooligan Initiates are found in the dungeon, Tavern Cellar. It will take you three runs of this dungeon to complete this step.
    • There are several quest givers at The Roadhouse who send you to the Tavern Cellar, as well as one NPC, Serge, who has a repeatable quest for there! It's recommended you pick up these quests for the extra money and treasure tickets.

  • Robgoblin Troublemakers are found generally north of Caleb's location, or east of The Roadhouse. It will take you four runs of this battle encounter to complete this step.
    • Beware of the trickster in the center of this battle! When you approach, he will drop dynamite that can highly injure you. I recommend approaching him and then darting away until he charges at you.


As a warrior, help the patrons of the Roadhouse rid themselves of troublemakers.

Caleb Sleepyswing says, "Excellent work, though I don't think those troublemakers will give up any time soon. it may be best to keep a warrior on duty around the clock."
Warrior: Achieve Level 5 Warrior
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