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Sunstone Valley
Sunstone Valley
Sunstone Valley / Sunstone Valley

North of Shrouded Glade

Sunstone Valley is the desert area that the Dwarves of Free Realms dwell in. It is located at the far north of Shrouded Glade, beyond the Druid Academy.

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Free Realms

Sunstone Valley has open world combat. This means that whenever you approach a combat area, you will automatically be switched into a combat job if you are not already in one.

Local Places




Quest Series

Shrouded Glade

Arch Druid Camellia

Rumble Ridge

Dorn Geargrinder

  1. Sobering Homecoming
  2. Bike Retrieval

Golmie Greasebeard

  1. A Deal with a Dust Devil
  2. Fixing Up a Sweet Ride

Dorn Geargrinder

  1. Race for Dominance
  2. Welcome to the Rumbledome

Golmie Greasebeard

  1. Better Treads
  2. Better Threads
  3. House Cleaning

Dorn Geargrinder

  1. Enter the Rumbledome
  2. The Search for Golmie Greasebeard

Whirly's Scrap Camp


  1. A Beautiful Friendship
  2. Ka-Boom or Not To Boom
  3. Junk or Bust
  4. Robot Woes
  5. The Legendary Sunstone - sends you to Noggle at Noggle's Retreat

Noggle's Retreat

Noggle Cogloose

  1. Ambush Recovery
  2. Power Crystals Not Included
  3. Noggle Interrupted
  4. Committed to the Plan
  5. Ruined Return - sends you to Sarkin at The Dig

The Dig

Sarkin Stonehearth

  1. Under Pressure
  2. Raider Repo
  3. Sabotage for Safety
  4. It's Too Quiet...
  5. Rescue in the Ruins



  • Sunstone Tin Vein
  • Rare Sunstone Tin Vein
  • Sunstone Silver Vein
  • Sunstone Iron Vein
  • Sunstone Gold Vein

  • Sunny Potion Recipe (learned from a mob drop)

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