FR Quest:Race for Dominance  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Dorn Geargrinder in Sunstone Valley.
Dorn Geargrinder says,"The Skullz have ruled unchallenged for too long. Today that ends on the track. I'll show this Skullz crony what a real biker can do on a hog."
Having aided Golmie Greasebeard with suping up Dorn's ride, it's time to settle the score. The Skullz won't allow for a fair race so jump on the track and even the odds.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 40 
Help Down show the Skullz that the Freewheelers are not to be messed with.
  • Help Dorn win the race
  • Return to Dorn Geargrinder
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Dorn says, "I'm as ready as I'm going to be. When you're ready, head to the track." You say, "No problem"

  • Speak to Golmie inside to begin the race

Golmie says, "I don't trust the Skullz. I have a feeling that they're planning something rotten. Once the race gets started follow me through this teleporter to check ou what's going on down the track."

You say, "Got it! Let's do this!'

Lieutenant Brock: I never beat Gus, but I'll settle with beating you." Dorn: "For the honor of the Freewheelers!"

Announcer: "Welcome one, welcome all to the Rough Rider Raceway! Will the Freewheelers beat the Skullz? Let's find out. On your marks... Get set... GO!"

Golmie: "Come on, let's go!"

  • Follow Golmie through the teleporter 3 times
  • Defeat the Skullz waiting in ambush 3 times

Golmie: "I knew it! Focus on the Skullz Commander. Come on, let's go further down the track."

"Don't let them hit Dorn! Hurry up, the race is almost over!"

"Here they come!"

Golmie: I knew you would win.

Announcer: Dorn wins! The Freewheelers are back!

Lieutenant Brock: "So you won a little race, big deal. We'll finish this in the Rumbledome! That's right. I'm calling you out, Dorn!"

Golmie: "Well that's one way to put a damper on things."

Dorn: "Thanks for the assist! We should head out."

  • Exit the minigame

If you fail to beat the Skullz in time: Dorn: Oof... My bike is trashed...

Golmie: Dorn, NO!

Lt. Brock: Having trouble with your bike Dorn? Mwahahah!

Announcer: What an upset! Dorn Geargrinder loses!

Fixing Up a Sweet Ride Sunstone Valley
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