FR Quest:Sobering Homecoming  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Dorn Geargrinder in Sunstone Valley.
Dorn Geargrinder says,"It seems that while we was in Shrouded Glade, this gang called the Skullz took over Rumble Ridge. And now most of the Freewheelers have deserted! If only Gus was here..."
After defeating the Gloam in Shrouded Glade, Dorn Geargrinder has returned to Sunstone Valley to find it overrun by a rival biker gang, the Skullz. Many Freewheelers have gone into hiding and Dorn doubts his ability to reunite the gang.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 20 
Help Dorn Geargrinder by regrouping the Freewheelers.
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Golmie Greasebeard says, "Dorn's havin' a hard time acceptin' the loss of his brother Gus. He's a blasted hero and the only one that can pull the gang back together."

You say, "I understand."

Headmaster Merk says, "Dorn needs to be reminded of the trust his brother Gus had in him. Gus knew Dorn was a natural leader. If you n find the other Freewheelers and tell them of Dorn's accomplishments in Shrouded Glad, I am certain they would follow him."

You say, "I'm on it."

Freewheeler #1 says, "Can Dorn really expect to fill his brother's shoes?"

You say, "Dorn was born to lead."

Freewheeler #2 says, "A lot's gone wrong for the Freewheelers recently. Why should we follow Dorn?"

You say, "Dorn's a good leader!"

Freewheeler #3 says, "Dorn proved to be a good leader when we took the bridge site, we should probably follow him now."

You say, "Hurry up!"

Dorn Geargrinder says, "Thanks . Gus never doubted me and I guess I shouldn't either. Leading the Freewheelers to glory is the best way I can honor his memory."

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