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Mail Supplies (Rare Spawn)
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Postman Stamps
A postman is impeded in their tracks without their stamps.

This is a Rare collection.

This spawn can only be found as a Postman. See below for tips.

Find Mail Supplies <Rare Collection> and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

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The Rare Mail Supplies are normally found by mailboxes (the little white ones that you deliver mail to). The two best places to look for them are in Snowhill around the houses, businesses, and the mine mailboxes, and in Seaside around the boardwalk and fisherman shanties.

The Penguin Stamp is a reward for completing the Postman Postcards collection.

Rudolfo's Speedy Kicks are your speed shoes. They're red, and match your All-Star Postman Outfit. For the original version of the speedy kicks, the speed increase was about 40%. Anyone who obtained these shoes after mid-August 2009 will have a speed increase of about 25%.

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