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To Start: Speak to Yaren Sunstare.
Yaren Sunstare says,"Morgulg still has some learning to do. I'm sending him to Merry Vale to speak with Talespinner Yvelle. She can teach him a lot about wizard history.

You should go, too, (Playername). All wizards should know about the Spellstruck Halls. "

Yaren wants you to head to Merry Vale and learn about the Spellstruck Halls from Talespinner Yvelle.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Wizard job.

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Head to Merry Vale and speak with Talespinner Yvelle.

    Talespinner Yvelle has plenty of stories to tell in Merry Vale.
    Talespinner Yvelle says, "The Spellstruck Halls? Yes, I know of that wizard school.

    They say that it existed long ago, and that it was full of scrolls with the strongest spells ever made in them... My! This storytelling is making me hungry."

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