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To Start: Speak to Fizzlesticks in Robgoblin Camp.
Fizzlesticks says,"Why are you still here? You're gonna stand around and let Morglug freeze to death?

Shoo... Shoo... "

Morgulg accidentally froze Yaren in ice. Head to and use your fire spell to unfreeze him.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Wizard job.

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Yaren Sunstare (the ice cube) is in the second cavern, to your right. Hot Springs Haven is an Easy dungeon, and you are level 5, so there is no good reason to do the whole thing if you want to skip it. If Yaren does not unfreeze with a single Fireball then he is bugged and you should exit, re-enter and do it again.


Use your fireball spell to unfreeze Yaren in Snowhill.

    Morgulg says, "You look strong enough to unfreeze Yaren! Please, won't you find him and change him back?!

    He's somewhere in Hot Springs Haven'''. I don't remember exactly where, because, uh, I kind of ran out. ...(sorry Yaren)..."

    Yaren says, "Brrr! Thanks for saving me from my clumsy student...Now I'll need a good soak in the hot springs outside!"
  • Return to Morgulg in Snowhill
    Let Morgulg in Snowhill know that Yaren has been successfully unfrozen! Morgulg says, "Hooray! You did it!

    I wanted you to have this,and I think Yaren wants to thank you too."

    Yaren says, "Thanks stranger.

    I'm not mad at Morgulg. It was an honest mistake, and I'm sure I would have unfrozen eventually."

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