fr quest:What is a Shadow Talon  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Glugmort in Greenwood Camp.
Glugmort says,"The document revealed the Thugawugs are working for the Shadow Talon. Who are they?

Go ask Blorple if he knows anything about the Shadow Talon. He should be nearby if he's not on a mission. "

Ask Blorple who the Shadow Talon are.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 15 
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Blorple will say, "Shadow Talon, eh? They're a ninja clan who claims to be on the level, but I have my suspicions. I've seen large, aggressive birds up in the mountain pass lately. Perhaps, they have something to do with all this."

A Bandit's Life Greenwood Camp
Quest Series
The Mysterious Birds
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