fr quest:What You Say  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Lana Na'auao in Nettleseed.
Lana Na'auao says,"I am the wise Lana Na'auao. Can you profess that you are as wise as me?

Do you dare take the Lana Na'auao challenge? "


  • Coins 30 
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This is a quiz type quest.

Welcome to the Lana Na'auao challenge of wisdom! Questions:

  • Without any further ado, which one of the following phrases is correct?
  1. Could of...
  2. Should have... (the correct answer)
  3. Would of...
  • Aha, very wise! One down. Now which of the following phrases is correct?
  1. Put through the ringer.
  2. Put through the wringer. (the correct answer)
  3. Put threw the wringer.
  4. Put threw the ringer.
  • Well done! A wringer is an apparatus that squeezes out liquid, usually referring to wet clothes. Now can you continue your winning streak? Which of the following is correct?
  1. For all intents and purposes. (the correct answer)
  2. For all intensive purposes.
  • You are a beacon of wisdom. Just two more questions left. Which of the following is correct?
  1. This has piqued my interest. (the correct answer)
  2. This has peaked my interest.
  • Fantastic! And only one question now remains. Which of the following is correct?
  1. Low and behold.
  2. Lo and behold. (the correct answer)

There is no one wiser! You have successfully completed my challenge!

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