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To Start: Speak to Tumbolina in Merry Vale.
Tumbolina says,"I'm so tired of making deliveries. I just want to stay here in Merry Vale.

Maybe my old partner, Aster, would be willing to help me out. I used to forge the weapons, and she put a touch of glamour into otherwise mundane armor.

I heard she was traveling on the road south of here, trying to get to some silly fashion show. "

Tumbolina doesn't want to leave Merry Vale, and has asked you to convince her ex-business partner, Aster, to complete the delivery of weapons to Snowhill for her. You should find Aster traveling along the road leading south out of Merry Vale.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

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Aster is no where near Merry Vale. You can get to her more easily by heading northeast from the Lavender Coast Pass warpstone, or west from the Crossroads warpstone. She is near the Thugawug toll booth in the Wilds.


Find Aster, last seen traveling along the road leading south out of Merry Vale.

    Speak with Aster, who was last seen traveling along the road south out of Merry Vale Aster says, "Tumbolina wants me to deliver this crate of weapons to Snowhill? As if!!"

    I've sprained my ankle and I can't get through this path because of those unruly thugawugs! Could this day get any worse!"

Warrior: Distracted Warrior
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Warrior: Achieve Level 10
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