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To Start: Speak to Fastvi Frostflutter in Snowhill.
Fastvi Frostflutter says,"It is time to pass on the task of protecting Snowhill, but first my axe must be restored.

The pieces of my weapon have lost their power over the years, but we can imbue them with magic again.

You will need a red and blue singing crystal. Therin should have them, but they won't be cheap! "

Fastvi believes you can restore his legendary axe to its former glory, but it will take some work and will not be cheap.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

Therin in Snowhill has the crystals you need to help repair Fastvi's weapon.
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The crystals will cost you Coins 6000  each.

Note: You cannot progress to the remainder of this quest progression until you have managed to come up with the 12000 gold to purchase these items. However, you can still go out and level on your own... you do not HAVE to have quests to reach level 20, it just makes it much easier and has those cool rewards!

Warrior: Steele is Useful Warrior
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