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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Farmer Chug in Sacred Glade.
Farmer Chug says,"Say, you see that picnic area over yonder? We were fixin' to throw a party for lil' Ashley, but them robgoblins showed up and spoiled the whole thing! Maybe you can sort things out for her?"
Find Ashley Lightwings at the picnic yard near the center of the farm.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 6 
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This quest is no longer available in the game, but the information is kept here for historical purposes.

You must complete the Tutorial: Pig Pen Rescue quest from Farmer Chug in order to receive this quest.

Completing this quest opens up the choice of two quests, Tutorial: Brawling 101 or Tutorial: Chef Express. After completing the brawling or cooking quest line, you are able to go back and work on the opposite line!

Tutorial: Pig Pen Rescue Tutorial
Quest Series
Tutorial: Brawling 101
Tutorial: Chef Express
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