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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ashley Lightwings in Sacred Glade.
Ashley Lightwings says,"Great! Then you should talk to Flanders so that he can teach you how to be a brawler. Flanders is at the practice yard, to the southwest."
Ashley wants you to find her friend Flanders so that you can learn how to be a brawler!
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

  • Brawler job
  • Coins 6 
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This quest is no longer available in the game, but the information is kept here for historical purposes.

Ashley sends you to Flanders to learn how to be a Brawler. Accept the quest and head west around the party pavilion to the man beating up some robgoblins ... and listening to a rendition of Eye of the Tiger. Talk to Flanders again to get your reward as well as unlocking your Brawler job and picking up another quest!

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Tutorial: The "Hands On" Method
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Quest Series
Tutorial: The "Hands On" Method
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