fr quest:The Only Thing Better Than Cake  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Snarf in The Roadhouse.
Snarf says,"Snarf take picnic area to have a party. Baker from Snowhill delivered Snarf a cake instead of pies! Snarf need pies, cake no good! Snarf know that Terrence gets pies delivered, could you see if you can find Snarf some pies?"
Run about The Roadhouse and find some pies!
This is a Search quest.

Coins 75 
  • Find the pies - 0/6
  • Return to Snarf
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The only thing better than cake!
Two of the pies are in the picnic area across the road to the West.

The Roadhouse
Quest Series
Grandpa Snarfs is Losted
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