fr quest:The Last Best Hope  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Darkthorne in Briarwood Caverns.
Darkthorne says,"The Gloam have trapped Darkthorne in the Heartseed Chamber."
The Gloam have found Darkthorne and have trapped her in the Heartseed Chamber. Defend Darkthorne until she can find a way out.
This is a Combat quest.

  • Coins 5 
  • Defend Darkthorne from the Gloam - 0/3
  • Talk to Pappy Farnum
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Walk up to Darkthorne to start the quest.

Darkthorne says, "Oh no! The Gloam!"

The Gloam says, "Ah, at last. I've found you. There is no escaping the Gloam!"

Darkthorne says, "-Player name-, hold them off, I just need time."

You will defend her from three waves of Gloamlings and Tough Gloamlings, not just three enemies.

Darkthorne: "-Player name-, before I can complete the sealing I must send you away for safety. I've written a message in the Hero's Journal that you must take to the queen"

Clicking the "I understand" button will trigger a loading screen, and you will appear near Pappy Farnum at Farnum's Farm.

Red text appears as the Gloam shouts his parting words: "I may be sealed away, but I have the Heartseed! Soon my corruption will consume Sacred Grove!" (evil laugh)

Speak to Pappy Farnum to finish the quest. He'll say, "So you're the great hero Darkthorne sent eh? You don't look like much but we Farnums are people of our word, we'll help you do what you need to do."

Note: This quest is not available on the PS3 version of the game. It was added to the PC version with the 03/17/2013 update.

Hero's Journal Sacred Grove
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Briarwood Caverns
Saving Farnum's Farm
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